Historical reference


During its existence, the department has trained more than 4000 engineers and 90 masters, 8 doctors and over 100 candidates of technical sciences. Graduates of the department: Nikiforov AL – Director General of the NIO named after. SP The Queen; Zabolotniy VV, Nazarenko GZ, Arutin AA etc. became the chief engineers of enterprises and research institutes; Zgursky V.A. – Mayor of Kyiv from 1979 to 1990; Maevsky S.М. – Vice-rector of the KPI

Department today:
Today, the Department of Information and Measuring Technology and the Research Institute of Experimental Informatics and Metrology is a modern educational and scientific complex that provides an educational and scientific base for obtaining basic and complete higher education, postgraduate studies and doctoral studies, postgraduate and doctoral studies.
The department of information and measuring equipment is the base for preparation of specialists in the specialty “Metrology and measuring equipment”. There are 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 5 senior lecturers and 7 assistants at the department.

Head of the department
– Eremenko Vladimir Stanislavovich.

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